Tow-Rite Towbars
Are Patented Towbars that are permanatly attached to the front bumper of your Jeep and are made of either Stainless Steel or Steel.
Tow-Rite Tow bars, never be stranded again.

Mounted to a standard bumper our patented tow bars come with either polished stainless steel or powder coated black, color matching is available with a physical sample sent to us. Each tow bar comes with a single set of standard bumper mounts. The idea behind Tow-Rite Towbars was developed in the 1960’s. At the time, most 4-wheelers were driving Jeeps, Scouts, Toyotas and other basic 4-wheel drive vehicles. Most towbars at the time were an A-Frame style that stuck up above the hood of the vehicle. These tended to obstruct the drivers view of the road and trail. Sometimes they became a hazard when the towbar was not properly secured in the upright position and fell forward. If the towbar fell forward, it could become a plow and damage the vehicle as it was bent back under the bumper and frame. This was a very surprising and traumatic event and often resulted in the end of the weekend.

Tow-Rite Towbars believe the towbar should be permanently mounted to the vehicle so it would be readily available should a breakdown occur. Typical towbars that extend above the hood may be illegal under California Vehicle Code section 26708 and in many other states. Tow-Rite Towbars incorporate a removable coupler, which is securely stored inside the vehicle when not in use. With the coupler removed, the towbar does not interfere with the driver’s view of the road. In 2004, we began toying with the idea of putting the towbars into production. This began with an update of the design to a more modern look. In 2005, we manufactured a towbar using 304 Stainless Steel, for a 2004 Jeep TJ. This towbar was polished to a mirror finish so it resembled (and is often mistaken for) chrome. In 2008, a US Patent was obtained for the design of the towbars and we began marketing them under the name Tow-Rite Towbars. The standard towbar is powder coated black with “Tow-Rite” engraved in the head plate. Tow-Rite Towbars are designed to be mounted to the factory Jeep flat bumper and many aftermarket steel bumpers using custom mounting brackets. Aftermarket bumpers with “D” ring mounts may require modification to install a Tow-Rite Towbar. The towbars are designed to be winch compatible. Tow-Rite Towbars are sold as a customer installed, bolt on kit. The mounting brackets can also be welded onto your bumper. The kit includes the towbar, mounting brackets, 2” ball coupler and Grade-8 mounting hardware and instructions. Optional items include an extended ball coupler for towing behind motorhomes, a coupler incorporating a round lunnette ring (for pintle hooks), custom head plate engraving, and custom mounting brackets. Tow-Rite Towbars are one of the strongest towbars on the market today. Tow-Rite Towbars are made in Escondido California.